Growing Sports and Fitness Businesses

Hello and welcome!

My name is Ernest, and I started RecFit Consulting to help sports and fitness business clients increase revenues and brand awareness.

Prior to starting the agency, I studied and worked in sports and fitness management. While growing businesses in those industries, I also worked as a freelance marketer and learned how to build and leverage websites to attract customers and increase sales.

During that time, I built relationships with dozens of business owners in the sports and fitness industries.

Sometimes the business owners would tell me about the challenges of standing out in the crowded sports and fitness marketplace. Whenever this happened, I tried to learn what was going wrong, from their perspective.

Usually, the business owners mentioned problems that were related to revenue (not enough) or marketing (not effective), like:

  • Not knowing how or where to find customers.
  • A dislike for sales, or not wanting to appear too “salesy”.
  • Competitors offering the same service for cheaper.
  • Struggling to differentiate from competitors.
  • Marketing tactics that didn’t work.
  • Small, or no marketing budget.
  • Tech issues – like unresponsive webmasters, or not having control over their own website.

After realizing that so many business owners were struggling to attract customers, make sales, and differentiate, I wanted to help.  So, I decided to put my experiences and strengths in marketing sports and fitness businesses to use. After writing a business plan, registering the LLC, and building the website, RecFit Consulting was born!

Today, RecFit Consulting’s goal is to help sports and fitness businesses earn more…that includes personal trainers, coaches, and other athlete or fitness service providers.

If your business could use a revenue boost or help with improving brand awareness, let’s talk! Just email to get the conversation started.

“Today, RecFit Consulting’s goal is to help sports and fitness businesses earn more…that includes personal trainers, coaches, and other athlete or fitness service providers.”

Client List

  • Colorado Golf Fitness Club
  • Colorado Rising Stars Lacrosse
  • Denver Pod Bod
  • F.A.S.T. – Fitness & Sports Training
  • Grapefruit Wellness
  • Peak Performance Platforms
  • Powered By You Training Studio
  • The Stress Detox Guy
  • The Yogathlete
  • Workout Nirvana Fitness

Testimonial - Colorado Rising Stars Lacrosse

“CRS LAX, LLC has had the pleasure of working with RecFit Consulting over the past year and it has been an excellent experience. RecFit Consulting overhauled our site, giving us a clean and updated take on what an athletic based company’s site should look like. They also streamlined several of our sites to one comprehensive unit that now all fall under the CRS LAX, LLC umbrella, positively impacting our investment of time and budget. Recfit Consulting helped in each piece of the website rebuilding process and made sure the new site reflected who we are and what we are about. Customer service is top notch.  We highly recommend RecFit Consulting to anyone or any athletic company who are looking to improve or enhance their website, marketing, or general athletic audience reach.”

Owner, Managing Director

Testimonial - Powered By You Training Studio

“I was in the process opening a new personal training studio and initially looking for someone to help with marketing the launch of the facility.  RecFit Consulting was highly recommended as “THE company you need to talk to” by someone who had attended a workshop that Ernest conducted, even though this woman had never met him.

From our initial meeting I understood what she was talking about and knew I no longer needed to pursue the other firms I was interviewing.  The interest Ernest took in learning about my business model, goals, and future plans was impressive – not only did he want to come see the studio to get a feel for the atmosphere, but he also took classes with a few different personal trainers to understand the level of service we offer.

He saved me significant dollars by taking over projects I already had in the works, and our grand opening wouldn’t have been nearly the success it was without his help.  I’ve been very pleased with the partnership we’ve formed in a short time, and look forward to his help in taking my business to the next level.”

Owner, Certified Personal Trainer

Testimonial - The Yogathlete

“RecFit Consulting has been an invaluable asset to my success as a business. Their knowledge of the fitness and wellness industry and business strategy has saved me money, increased revenue, and also given me valuable time to focus on what I love to do most.  Their specific skill sets that focus on my market and industry truly made me feel that they knew the direction I wanted to go towards, and gave me tools and clearly defined strategies to help me get there.  With assistance with how to define my goals, a layout of benchmarks we met together, and a well-executed plan, my business is on an upswing!”

Owner, Yoga Instructor

Ernest (above), as the Team Manager for the gold medal US National Teams at the 2016 World Ultimate Championships in London.

  • Professional Highlights

    • Grew program revenues by 105% in a 3-year period for a national amateur sports organization.
    • Increased sales by $500,000  (32%) in one year for a fitness and recreation center.
    • Sold season ticket packages to 100+ new clients for a Major League Baseball franchise.
    • Organized the most successful charitable campaign for a community recreation center, raising $80,000+ to support youth programs.
    • Trained 400+ fitness business owners on best practices for increasing revenue with management software.
    • Instructed 5 university courses on healthy lifestyle planning and fitness management.
    • Completed market research project for a city parks and recreation department to determine which recreation programs to fund.


    • M.S. in Sports and Recreation Management
    • B.S. in Kinesiology